Our Aloe Vera

The base and the main ingredient of our natural cosmetics is always Aloe Vera from organic farming in the Canary Islands (mainly from Lanzarote and Fuerteventura), where Aloe Vera is grown with the best properties of all the Canary Islands in terms of minerals, trace elements, enzymes and climate (with a dry environment, winds and volcanic soil).
Aloe Vera requires a dry subtropical climate in which temperatures are no lower than 10 degrees Celsius and rainfall is relatively low.
Taking all these critical factors in Aloe Vera’s growth, we can proudly say that we have the best Aloe Vera plants in the world.
Our main principle is to make our products with pure Aloe Vera as the first ingredient, which guarantees a maximum percentage of Aloe Vera in each product; If, on the contrary, the first ingredient is water, we will have products with less aloe and not only the quality, but the effect of the active ingredients of each component is reduced.
Besides, our Aloe Vera comes from a careful selection of plants, organically grown in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, which brings our products an inexhaustible source that provides all the full benefits of the plant through its active principles and in its pure state.
We develop a line of products capable of satisfying and providing everything our skin needs at all times, through fresh Aloe Vera from organic farming and natural active ingredients; Rejecting the use of paraffin, parabens, using allergen-free perfumes and preservatives adapted to European regulations on natural cosmetics.